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Hotel Fai

In the Dolomites of Trentino

In the exciting setting of the Dolomites, Hotel Fai welcomes you with a gift, a quality vacation. A place where one can find time for oneself, for couples, for families, to dream, pamper themselves and relax.

The goal of our wellness philosophy is to give one access to their source of energy, with the help of nature. Here it is constantly at its best, by giving strong emotions in the summer and breathtaking winters.

Fun and Relax for an Unforgettable Holiday



Family Vacation


The Hotel Fai is the ideal structure for a holiday located in the vicinity of the Fai village center Paganella, just a few steps from the sport stadium and the Fun Park, and offers spacious rooms and a garden for children to play.

Hotel Fai Guarantees an Enchanting Stay:


What awaits you in Trentino is a corner of wellbeing in a gracious environment. A dream come true, a wonderful world that enlightens the senses, a soft and relaxing atmosphere where one may enjoy rest and tranquility. Far from city noise and everyday chaos, one may escape completely into a paradise of silence and nature.


Resourceful, crunchy, colorful and fresh … is our gourmet cuisine, an obligation for every gourmand. The best ingredients, ancient local recipes, new and international, simple and sophisticated, but above all the expertise of the chef. Genuine flavors and celestial delicacies that tantalize the senses, accompanied by local DOC wines.

Family Tradition

Only family run hotel is that

Family Tonidandel since 40 years take care first and foremost your well-being. This is why here You always find a warm welcome and your days will be accompanied by an intimate atmosphere, the typical atmosphere of a family-run hotel.